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Completed Lesson List & Ongoing UNDER DEVELOPMENT:

4SB Cert. of Cyber Security:
Office of Entrepreneurial Development @SBA.gov & Defining Cyber Security: 

  • Explaining & Knowing the Importance of Securing Information Through Best Cyber Security Practices; Identifying Types of Information That Should be Secured & ID Cyber Threats; Defining Risk Management & Listing Best Practices for Guarding Against Cyber Dangers, Hazards & Warnings.

Edu., Fed., Gov't, Mil. List & in Progress:

  1. Advanced PCAP Analysis & Signature Development (APA):        
  2. Advanced Windows Scripting:      
  3. Analysis Pipeline:      
  4. Certified Ethical Hacker v8 (CEHv8) Prep SS:
    • Advanced Assessment Exam & Network Proficiency Training at Level 3. Advanced designed resources to help & prepare for CE Hackers Specialty Areas: Systems Security Analysis, Computer Network Defense, Offense Vulnerability Assessment & Management.
  5. Certified Information Security Manager SS:         
  6. CDM Module 1: Overview:
  7. CDM Module 2: Hardware Asset Management:
  8. CDM Module 3: Software Asset Management:
  9. CDM Module 4: Configuration Settings Management:
  10. CDM Module 5: Vulnerability Management:
    • Managers, staff & other stakeholders who may be involved in implementation &/or decision making regarding Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM). Aims to better/help understand how people & software work together to protect mission critical assets & to more effectively evaluate their Cyber posture.
    • Defining SWAM & why it is critical to the implementation of a robust Cyber-Security program. New roles & responsibilities which any department or agency (D/A) must implement. Transitions into SWAM implementation criteria, & discusses the generic CDM concept of operations specific to SWAM Actual State, Desired State, & Defects. High level discussions of software lists (Black, Gray, White) & how software can be identified & tracked in CDM through the use of Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) & Software Identification (SWID) tags by Software package down to executables. 
    • Specialty Areas: Software Assurance & Security Engineering, Information Assurance Compliance, Systems Security Architecture, Computer Network Defense Analysis, System Security Analysis, Security Program Management, Information Systems Security Operations, Test & Evaluation, Computer Network Defense Infrastructure Support, etc.
  11. Cisco CCENT Prep SS           
  12. Cisco CCNA Security Prep SS          
  13. Cloud Computing Security:
    • In-depth strengths & weaknesses of 'CCS', considerations choosing the cloud as a data management solution. Technical & operational risks explained, along with real strategies to mitigate the 'aforementioned' of risks.
    • Demo concepts learned, real-world examples via US Gov't Agency 'DISA.mil' (Defense Info. Systems Agency) utilizing CC solutions. Area Development, Purpose & Proficiency Training: Skills, Specialty Systems, Security Analysis, Computer Network Defense, Vulnerability Assessment & Intermediate Level 2. Mgmt.
  14. CompTIA A+ Prep           
  15. CompTIA A+ 220802 Certification Prep           
  16. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)           
  17. CompTIA Network+ N10005 Certification Prep          
  18. CompTIA Security+ (SY0401) Prep
  19. CMaaS Overview           
  20. Cyber Risk Management for Technicians       
  21. Cyber Risk Management for Managers       
  22. Cyber Security Investigations:
    • ​​Discusses the basic concepts of Cyber-Security & Digital Forensics Investigation practices. Performing collection & triage of digital evidence in response to an incident, evidence collection methodologies, & forensic best practices. Introductory reviewing the processes, methods, techniques & tools in support of CSI: Cyber & Area Basic Level 1. Skill Development & Purpose, Specialty Areas of Digital Forensics, Cyber Operations, Incident Response, Investigation Proficiency Training.
  23. Cyber Security Overview for Managers:
  24. Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) with IDS/IPS:
  25. DNSSEC Training Workshop:
  26. DoD IA Boot Camp:
  27. Emerging Cyber Security Threats:
    • Broad range of Cyber-Security elements that pose threats to information security posture. Detailed various threats, mitigation strategies & best practices. What policy is & role it plays in Cyber-Security, how it's implemented, CS laws, standards, & initiatives. Cyber-Security policies, knowing your enemy, mobile device security, cloud computing security, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security, LAN security using switch features, securing the network perimeter, securing infrastructure devices, security, DNS & IPv6 security, reinforce concepts.
    • Training Purpose: Skill Development, Specialty Area: System Administration, Technology Demonstration, Vulnerability Assessment & Management, Strategic Planning & Policy Development, Cyber Threat Analysis, Training Proficiency Area: Intermediate Level 2.​
  28. Foundations of Incident Management           
  29. Introduction to Threat Hunting Teams         
  30. Introduction to Investigation of Digital Assets          
  31. Introduction to Windows Scripting      
  32. IPv6 Security Essentials          
  33. ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Prep          
  34. (ISC)2 (TM) CAP Certification Prep SS         
  35. (ISC)2 (TM) CISSP (R) Prep      
  36. (ISC)2 (TM) CISSP:ISSAP Certification Prep           
  37. (ISC)2 (TM) CISSP:ISSEP Certification Prep          
  38. (ISC)2 (TM) CISSP:ISSMP Prep     
  39. (ISC)2 (TM) CSSLP Certification Prep SS      
  40. (ISC)2 (TM) Systems Security Certified Practitioner:          
  41. LAN Security Using Switch Features           
  42. Linux Operating System Security          
  43. Mobile & Device Security      
  44. Network Layer 1 & 2 Troubleshooting          
  45. Network Monitoring with Open Source Tools           
  46. Penetration Testing       
  47. Root Cause Analysis         
  48. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Security           
  49. Securing Infrastructure Devices           
  50. Securing the Network Perimeter            
  51. Security & DNS  
  52. SiLK Traffic Analysis           
  53. Software Assurance Executive (SAE)           
  54. Windows Operating System Security      
  55. Wireless Network Security      

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