Congregation: Well, I Met the Seventh Son, He Came for Everyone, The Day He Heard the Lighting in the Field, I Heard Him Clear His Throat, A Fork Within the Road, That Night the Tallahatchie Took the Wheel, I’ve Been Throwing Knives, To See Just Where They Land, Now My World is in Your Hands!, Send in the Congregation!, Open Your Eyes!, Step in the Light!, A Jukebox Generation, Just as You Were! Alright!

The Voice Upon the Stage, Is the Heart Inside a Cage & They’re Singing Like a Bluebird in the Round, There’s Mystery in This Wood & Ghosts Within These Roots, That Are Tangled Deep Beneath This Southern Ground, I’ve Been Going Through Life, Making Foolish Plans, Now My World is in Your Hands! 

You Need Blind Faith, No False Hope, No False Hope, Do You Have Blind Faith!? No False Hope!, No False Hope!, Where is Your Blind Faith!?, No False Hope!, No False Hope!, Open Your Eyes!, Open Your Eyes!, Step Into the Light!, Open Your Eyes!, Step Into the Light!, The Sound Becomes, Congregation!, A Congregation!, A Congregation!, Yeah!

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