NOTE: @911REACT! & * An Affiliate B2B, CIO/CTO, Data Deep Algorithms & Analytics Group, Joint Ventured via ( OSys & Special Precision Programs & Projects, Public & Private Enterprise, to Seek, Search, SEO, Sight, Silent Suite & Stealth Superpower, VIP Video Volumetrics & Imagery Content.

A Smarter Vision Platform Combining Editing, Video Imaging Management With Tagging & Playback Tools, Cloud-Based Architecture, Enabling Combined Distributed Human & Advanced Algorithmic Analysis to Tackle Unstructured Streaming AVI. Opening up New Gateways & Opportunities for Intelligence.

Active Affiliates, Assignments, Associations, B2B, Cases, Clientele, Deals

Contracts, Missions, Ops, 'Pro-Bono Publico', Programs & Projects, Ventures

  • Apple Inc.: Backdoor, Campaigns, Case, Courts, Data, DOJ, Encryption vs FBI, Feds & Hacking of the iPhone, IoT, Legal, Smartphones, Law Enforcement & Investigations, Security Threats, Protection & Privacy, Civil Liberties, etc.
  • Active & Adaptive Blood-Sport Bullying & Cyber ID's: CatPishing, Impersonators, Info/Intel, Memberships, Online Scams, Passwords, Phishing, Revenge Porn/Sex, Smishing, Social Thieves & Vishing etc.
  • CBS & Author, Concept, Content Creator of @CSICyber:
    • CDN, Claims, Concept, Conspiracy, Denied, Dismissed, Domain, Idea, IPTV, Licensing, Originally Presented as Program, Royalties, Sabotage, Script, Series, Show, Suggested, Streaming, Stolen, Theft & Treason of Work via *
  • Bad-A$$ Breach & Bug Bounties: Facebook, POI, Programs, Social Media, TESLA, Twitter, UBER, Unlicensed Business SaaS/Software etc.
  • Facebook: Adware AI Aliases, Algorithms, API's & Attacks, Bots/Bugs, Coded Content & CyberPorn, Data Detection & Distribution, Falsifications, FCC/FTC, Profiles & Protection, Rapid Reporting Response & Reviewing, Community 'SEC' Standards & Streaming Violations, etc.
  • A-List & A-Lister to Ass-Listed AtoZ BS!: Accepted, Approved, Bio-Book & Bought, Development of Documentary Film, Funded, History, Invested, Motion Picture, IPTV Program & Series, Movie Screenplay, Script, Storyboard, Storylines & Streaming Treatment All in the Works & (All Based on Actual Data, Dealings, Documented Events, Facts & Life), etc.
  • Cyber & Hack Fest: Awareness, Campaign, Celebration, Concerts, Entertainment, Education, Expo, Gathering, Media, Music Festival, Networking, Party, Rally & Tour!
    • 3-5 A-List Announced, Major & Secret Top Tier Bands to Play on the West Coast, Stay Tuned for Places, Schedule & Times via the (Support & Service of Military Troops & U.S. Vets).
  • B2B & Biblical BlackHats Boot Camp: CISO, Corp. C-Suite, Cyber, Dark & Deep Net/Web 
    • Executive, Exclusive, 'Extreme', Guerrilla Hacktivism, Invite Only, (Military Mindset), Personal, Private
    • Professional Program, Scaremonger, Special & Survival Ops, Tactical Training & Warfare
  • See, Say & Share Something!: An Active & Awareness Campaign of Collaborative Communications via DCDN & Edu. Expanded Extension to Fed./Gov't., Global, Private Project & Public Sector Territorial Army & Union, etc.

  • CTF/Cyber & Watchdog: Agencies of CIA, DHS, DoD, DOJ, FBI, FCC, FTC, Heroes, ICE, In-Q-Tel, NSA, Secret Service, Mobile, Online, Operations, Private & Public Sector, Services, Social, Solutions, Support & Task Forces
    • Cyber Centers, Commands, Divisions, etc. Full Combatant, Cyber-Warriors Defending Military Networks, Joining in Combined-Arms Attacks on All Enemies.
    • Cyber Sea, Air, Land & Space (SEALS) as a New Warfare Domain. Especially in Cyberspace, Strategic & International Studies, “Reliance on Technology, Great Strengths & Opportunities, Vulnerabilities, Adversaries & Exploits”, etc.
    • Assistance & Compensation, Competing, Contracts, Hiring, LOB's, Marketplace & Recruiting Jr./Sr. Staff via Opportunities, Packages, Placement, Private Positioning, Salaries & Sectors, etc.
  • Active Ethical Hacking of the DoD & Pentagon: @
    • Address ID/IP of Social Eng. Media via GPS, LBS/NFC & SEO Targeting, War & Words, etc.
    • DDSS: Digital Defenses, Services & Solutions 
    • 1/3rd of Adware & Authorized, BAI Certified Communications  & Controlled Ethically (Gray/Grey) Hack, Hacked, Hacking & Hijacking of the Global IP, Legal Nat. Protection & Security of U.S. Navy & SEAL's via Real Secured SEO2X, SMS/SNS & Telecom via WhiteHat
  • Cyber 'DAESH & DEATH' of Jihadism: Ads, App2App Combatants, Data-Mining, Digital Extraction & Exposure of *DAESH, ID ISIL, ISIS, *Islamic State of Iraq, Jihadists & the Levant Online Propagandism, Radicalism, Recon, Recruitment, SEO Social SOF & Solicitation via Media, Mobile Msgs of Terrorism, Weaponization & 3.0 WWWar of Words.
    • Fed./Gov't, Hackers for Hollywood in Support of Studios, Chiefs & Executives to Collaborate & Counter Intel IoT of ISIL-ISIS Mercs, Narratives via Black, Dark & Deep Mobile Net/Web to Social & Surface Media WWWeb, etc.
  • Global *ngConnect Nokia Program & Verizon:
    • AAOS Dr. NDN, Schwarzenegger & FrameWork Interactive Technologies (F.I.T.) via Mobile/Wireless, Big Data, Extortion of Healthcare, HIPAA, Information, IoT & IT, Medical, Patients Privacy, Records, Services, Streaming, Theft, TeleHealth & Wellness, etc.
  • Apparel, Brands, China, Global IP & IPR, Mark Cuban, Michael Jordan, NBA, NIKE, Under Armor:
    • Bootlegs, China, Copyrights, Designs, Digital Distribution, eCommerce & Online Counterfeits, Fakes, Forgeries, Merchandise, Licensing, Pirating, SST, Trademarks, etc.

  • Lexicon Digital Cyber Communications: (LDCC) Broadcast & Cable, Collaborative Communications, Content Creation & Delivery, Cinema, IPTV, Movies, Networks, OTT, SATCOM, Streaming Media, Telecom, Video, VOD, VR, Webcams, etc. & *(Project 3.0 Lexicon, War of Words & Worlds)
    • A Major Multi-Billion Dollar & 'FCC' Fines, Investigation via Top Tier Cable Comm. Co., IPTV Nat. Network & Leaking of 24/7 Access of Adult Content Exposing & Material, Streaming Un-Filtered Video of XXX to the All Ages Public & Environment, Over Multiple Channels & Months Period of Time 
  • B2B/B2C Cyber & Digital iHollywood: Ads of Adult & A-List Association, Branded Celeb, CEOP x2 Co. Copyright Infringement via Content, Dark Data of Embedded Entertainment & Fake/False 'FCC' GL/RL:
    • via Hacking of * ICAC x2 IPO-IPT & 'Jessica Alba' JOI Media, Piracy, Porn, Promos, Q&A, Ransomware, Sextortion, Video, Violations, Social, Streaming & Webcam 

  • NOTE: We Address Adversaries, Clones, Created, Cyber Designed & Devised a Reverse Security, Social Eng. Logistical Strategy & System to Battle & Combat Any Bad Actors Globally Online, Utilizing SMS/SNS Technologies & Telecom via WWW.


  • America, Armed Forces, Wars & World. *Nat. Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (; Has Analyzed Over *10K+ Hrs of Military Surveillance Video to Date & Delivers World-Class Geospatial Intel, Providing a Decisive Advantage to Policymakers, Pros, 1st Responders & Warfighter Types. Global, Multiple, Professional & Prominent Sports Teams Utilize the Platform for Gathering Game Stats & Advanced Analysis in Real-Time. Deployed On-Premises or Remotely in Conjunction With Crowd Sourced Analysts. The Solution Has Run Over 1+ Million Hrs of Streaming Video to Date.

"No Weapon Formed or Every Tongue in Judgment to Rise Against 'Us' Shall Prosper & 'We' Shall Condemn!"

"Artists Utilize Lies to Try & Tell Truths, While Bad, Crooked & Global Rulers Use Them to Cover Truths Up!"

            AAA Agency, B2B, BAI, Consulting, C-Suite, Cyber Firm & Global Group

Bridge Burning:  These Are My Famous Last Words!? My Number's Up, Bridges Well! Burned! Oh Won't You Let Me Twist Your Faith, It's Getting Kinda Late, But I Don't Wanna Wait No More, Oh May I Have This Dance of Days, Locked in Your Embrace, Passed Your Test of Faith, Another Time Another Place, Another Line Upon Your Face, Another in Your Way, Down Crooked Stairs & Sideways Glances, Comes the King of Second Chances, Now Throw Him in the Flame!

Whatever Keeps You Warm at Night, Whatever Keeps You Warm Inside! Your Bridges Are Burning Down, They're All Coming Down, It's All Coming Round, You're Burning Them Down, It's All Coming Round, They're All Coming Down, Your Bridges Are Burning Now, Oh Let Me Put You in Your Place, I Love it When You Say, Giving Everything Away, but Tell Me Now What's in it for Me! Tell Me Now What's in it for Me! No One's Getting This for Free! So Tell Me Now What's in it for Me! Gather in the Ashes, Everything Thrown Away, Gather in the Ashes, Scatter as They Blow Away, Gather in the Ashes, Everything Thrown Away, Gather in the Ashes, Scatter as They Blow Away!