Good Fight: I Give My All My Everything, Anything You Want I've Tried to Be, I Tried, God Knows I Tried, Or Am I Stuck Somewhere Between, Who I Am & Who I Hope to Be, Am I Fighting the Good Fight?, Keep Pressing On!, Fight the Good Fight!, Fight, What You Know is Wrong!, Keep Pressing On!, Fight the Good Fight!, Fight, What You Know is Wrong!

I've Come So Far to Fall Too Fast, As For? I Can't Look Back I Try, God Knows I Try, I Shift My Eyes to the Sky, In the Distance See the Horizon Line, She Waits for Me, Fighting the Good Fight, I Give My All My Everything!, Anything You Want I Strive to Be!, Am I Stuck Somewhere Between!, Who I Am & Who I Hope to Be!, Fighting!, I'm Fighting!, Fighting the Good Fight!, Am I Stuck Somewhere in Between!, Who I Am & Who I Hope to Be!

Remember That Sometimes I Fall in Between The Nights Blue Moon & the Shadows, Fight On!, Fight the Good Fight!, What You Know is Wrong!, I'll Keep Fighting!, Fight On!, Keep Fighting the Good Fight!, Fight On!, Fight On!

Child Sex Abuse Hollywood: Industry Full of “Vipers” 
“If You Can Imagine It, It’s Probably Happened”

3.0 Dark & Deep, iSpy Modern Net, P2P Sect/Social & WWWeb: Enemies of Change & Conflicts, Developing MAD&D Methods, Monitory of Human Online Roles & Spies. NextGen Spy-Mastery!

National & International Causes of Collaborative Communications, CISO Cyber, iResponse x4, Security, Sludge, Social Justice, Media, Public & Private, Sectors, SaaS, Services, Surveillance, Strategies, Systems, Teams, Technologies, Telecommunications, Terrorism, Espionage & Warfare, *(S.T.E.W.) etc.

Increased Risk Posed by Cyber-Crimes & "New Professions" of Online Chaperoning. Professional, Provided Protection & Support for Any Level of Online Activity. Extended via Fraud & Identity Theft, Social Media Pivoting & Activity Management Manipulation of Ones Perceived Reputation.

ID/IE/IP SEO/SESM, Spear Spoofing & SW/TCP: Aggressive Attacks, Characteristics, Contextual, Digital & Exaggerating Hoaxes, Networks, Online, Security & Situations on One or Multiple Persons awa Imitates & Masquerades as Programs Successfully as Another, Layered, Multiples or Others by Falsifying, Half & Partial Truths of Data/Info & by Gaining Illegitimate Advantages & Leverage.

  • Negative & Positive Points, Certain Phrases, Terms Measuring Proximity & Value of Words to Words.

AtoZ Content Creation & Distribution of Streaming Industry & Media, Movies, Music, Technologies, Video  

Automated Cloud & Real-Time Product Security Configuration Factors as an Indirect Service, Solution & Systems, Authorized Distributors, Reseller & White-Labeling     

Advisory & Consulting, Industry, Other, Professional, Scientific, Social & Technical Services  

Big Data, Extortion of Healthcare, HIPAA, Hospitals,  Information, IoT & IT, Medical, Patients Privacy, Records, Services, Technologies, Theft & Wellness, etc. 

​​​Areas, BAI Media & Primary Sectors

3.0 Abstract & Asinine Art of Brainwashing via Cyber Deception,  Digital & Displaced DNAA of Graffiti via Innovative, Interactive, Internet & Seduction of Social Media, Networks, Reverse Psychology, Behaviouralism & Pattern Recognition, Tactics & Techniques.

WW3.0 Warfare, Involving (AAA) Advocacy Approach Avoidance of AtoZ Beliefs & or Behaviors, Encourage False Opposites & or Positives of Desired Distractions Expectations, Nano & Negative Neuromarketing, Data Neuroscience, Subject Matter of Opposition Persuasion, Think-Tanking, Theory & Thought Leadership, etc.

Accredited Analysts, Articles, Assignments, BAI, Blogs, Briefs, Broadcast, Contributors, Covert Data & Details, DCDN, Digital Editorials & Imaging, Distribution, Exposé's, Feeds, Facts & Findings, Informants, Intel, Citizen & Investigative Journalism, Media, News, Outlets, RSS, Social Media, Sources, Press, Publishers, R&D, Reporting, Reports, Streaming, Tiplines, Undercover, Whistleblowers, White Papers, Wires (BBC, BBW, DHST, Motherboard, MyTrefis, RT, TSN, VICE, WIRED, etc.)

  • Specializing in Biometrics, BlackHats, Breaches, CCTV, Cloud9, Cyber, Dark, Data & Deep Mining, Net/Web, DEFCON, Digital Domains, Drones, Encryption, Grey Areas, Hackers, Hacking, Human Capital Factoring, ID/IP & IoT Theft, Law & Legalities, Lone Wolves, Malware, Phishing, Privacy, Protection, Ransomware & Recovery, Reverse & Social Engineering, Logistics, UAV's, VR

  • C.E.O.P. & I.C.A.C. Ages 1-19 or 18+ 19- & 21+ (Child Exploitation & Online Privacy Protection) =  (Internet Crimes Against Children) & Cyber Bullying! Dark, Deep, Grey, Pedo Predators @911SubZero 24/7 Sexploitation, Sextrade & the IoT Trafficking  of Kids & Youth!

  • Matthew 18:6 "If Anyone Causes One of These Little Ones to Stumble, It Would be Better for Them to Have a Large Millstone Hung Around Their Neck & be Drowned in the Depths of the Sea". (Dark, Deep & Deathbeds) @911SubZero

  • (Celebrity Exploitation & Online Privacy Protection)
    • (Internet & 'IoT' Crimes Against Celebs) as Council, Expertise, Guidance, Hearings, Testimonials, Verification's & Witnessing at $Top-Tier!

  • Ads, Apps, Brands, Commandeering, Corporate Email, Extraction, Hacking & Highjacking of Marketing Media Msgs & Communications, etc.

  • Quality Assurance & Control, Appliances, Design, Development, Ecosystems, Engineering, Mechanics, Mindsets, Operating Sys's, Opinions, Platforms, Q&A's, Reviews, Testings, Testimonials, Usage, Validation, Verification of Industry Related Products, SDK's, SaaS, Services, Specifications, Standards & Toolset's, etc.

  • Cyber & DEFCON Defense Contracting, Edu. via Airports, City, County, Global/Glocal, Local, National, Regional, Sovereigns, State, etc.


  • B2B Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Espionage Expositions, Industry Meetings, Trade Secrets, Trade-Shows, Security of Travel & Tourism, Visitors Authorities,