Acts 7:56 *Stephen; “I See Heaven Open & Son of Man Standing at the Right Side of God!

*​​Businessman, *Contractor & *USAF *Vet: Mr. B. Stettler

THE MAN IN THE ARENA: “It is Not the Critic Who Counts; Not the Man Who Points Out How the Strong Man Stumbles, or Where the Doer of Deeds Could Have Done Them Better."

DARK, DATA, DEEP, DEFENSE, DIGITAL & LOGISTICS, FAA, Operations, Business Development, Industry & Market Research, etc. Note: Active Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security & Computer Systems Security

PREP FOR SECURITY+ & NETWORK+ Designed to take measures against Hacking, Spamming, Worms, Malware & Computer/ System Viruses via Cyber sleuthing & data/digital evidence gathering. Information systems, important roles, supporting commerce, banking, telecommunications, healthcare & national security, focused on technical expertise & management to secure information considered essential to all business objectives of an enterprise. Security+ Certifications providing internationally recognized credentials that demonstrates competency in IT Security issues. Managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing & configuring basic network infrastructure standards set by CompTIA, leading independent providers of IT Certs globally. Coursework, knowledge & skills necessary for Security+ & Network+ certifications.

Active: Course & Edu. liaison via the (NSA) National Security Agency, Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE-IAE). DHS FedVTE Cyber Security training system via courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels top T1, workforce & maintain expertise & foster operational readiness.

"The Credit Belongs to the Man Who is Actually in the Arena, Whose Face is Marred by Dust, Sweat & Blood; Who Strives Valiantly; Who Errs, Who Comes Up Short Again & Again, Because There is No Effort Without Error & Shortcoming; But Who Does Actually Strive to do the Deeds; Who Knows Great Enthusiasms, the Great Devotions; Who Spends Himself in a Worthy Cause; Who at the Best Knows in the End the Triumph of High Achievement, & Who at the Worst, if he Fails, at Least Fails While Daring Greatly, So That His Place Shall Never be With Those Cold & Timid Souls Who Neither Know Victory Nor Defeat." -Theodore Roosevelt Citizenship in a Republic

Born in Southern New Jersey, & of Two Great Parents. At Age 6, My God Fearing Father Passed Away From Bone Cancer (Leukemia). Still & to This Day, I Deal With His Passing On. At Age 10 My Mother Remarried. And it Was From This Point & Until Age 18+, I Dealt With Other Various Issues via Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED), Mental, Often & Sometimes Physical Abuse.

NOTE: At the Age of 16-17 I Was Brought Directly & Introduced Into the Business of Artists, Bands, Communications, Concerts, Entertainment, Entrepreneurism, Equipment, Hardware, Industry, Maintenance, Management, Media, Mobile, Music, National, Production, R&D, Repairing, Retail Sales & Service, Smartphones, Software, Solutions, Supply, Support, Streaming Media, Systems, Technologies & Telecom World. Within in 6-9 Months, Overseeing Operations & Running Multiple Locations.

As a Loving Mother Became Very Busy With Being the Breadwinner & Primarily Working, She Never Really Knew, Noticed, Recognized Any Signs or Symptoms, & Also Because I Kept Things Locked Up Inside. I Battled Through it & Graduated From High School. I Decided Later, I Needed to Change & With the Direction, Help & Pushing of Certain People in My Life, I Applied & Was Accepted Into the Hardest of U.S. Armed Forces via Military Recruiting, the United States Air Force.

I Entered the USAF in Sept. of 2006. I Needed Serious Structure in My Life & That’s What it Gave Me & Offered. I Became a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist. During My Career & Enlistment, I Met My Beautiful USAF Wife & Her 2 Daughters, Married in 2009, & the 2nd Best Decision I’ve Ever Made, (1st, Being & Joining the USAF). I Discharged Honorably & Medically Retired. We Welcomed a Child in 2011 & Another in 2015, My Boy & Needless to Say I’ve Been Blessed via Family.

As I Moved Into/Onto the Next & Other Phases of My Life, A Lot of Things Came Around Full Circle, Least & When I Was Not Expecting. Although I Was Retired From the Military, I Realized That My Battle & Personal Plight awa Professionally is Not Close to Being Even Over, as The Next Phases Have Now Shifted Into the ‘Cyber IoT, Space & Warfare’, FYI: @ & Changing the Way the World Locks Horns. This is a Fight That I Believe in, Can, Know & Will Support. Just Like the Digital Online War of Words via Areas of Radical Terrorism, it Can’t Be Ignored & We Will Succeed. Currently Based Between LV & Utah.

Vox Populi: This is a Call to Arms!, Gather Soldiers!, Time to Go to War!, This is a Battle Song!, Brothers & Sisters!, Time to Go to War!,Did You Ever Believe!? Were You Ever a Dreamer!? Ever Imagine Heart Open & Free!? Did You Ever Deny!? Were You Ever a Traitor!? Ever in Love With Your Blood, Lust & Need!?

This is a Call to Arms!, Gather Soldiers!, Time to Go to War!, This is a Battle Song!, Brothers & Sisters!, Time to Go to War!, Ever Want to be Free!? Do You Even Remember!? Wanna be God the Devil Like Me, Ever Want to Just Stop!? Do You Want to Surrender?! Or Fight for Victory!?
Here We Are at the Start, I Can Feel the Beating of Our Hearts, Here We Are at the Start...

Darkness Falls, Here Comes the Rain to Wash Away the Past & Our Names...
Darkness Falls, Here Comes the Rain to End it All, the Blood & the Game...

Far, Far Away!, in a Land That Time Can't Change!, Long!, Long Ago!, in a Place of Hearts & Ghosts!, Far, Far Away!, in a Land That Time Can't Change!, Long, Long Ago!, in a Place of Hearts & Ghosts!

This is a Call to Arms, Gather Soldiers, Time to Go to War (Far, Far Away…), This is a Battle Song, Brothers & Sisters, Time to Go to War (Long, Long Ago…), This is a Call to Arms, Gather Soldiers, Time to Go to War (Far, Far Away…), This is a Battle Song, Brothers & Sisters, Time to Go to War! This is a Call to Arms, We Own the Night, This is a Battle Song, We Own the Night!