"Oh, What a Tangled 'WWWeb' We Weaved, When @ *1st We Practice & Deceived Deeply!"

"Hey, No Fucking Way, Forget It! This Fucking Guy, You Fucking Vulture, 2 Little Kids in a Car, This is So Fucking Bad, Okay I See Them Aright, Okay Shut the Fuck Up Okay! Well Fuck That!, I Don't Need That Shit in My Life! You Die MF! What You Think I Am, Huh!?, What You Think, I'm a Fucking Worm Like You!? I Told You, Don't Fuck With Me!, I Told You!, No Fucking Kids! No But, You Wouldn't Listen, Well You Stupid Fuck, Look At You Now!"

Note: "There Are 'NO' Experts in Cyber, Only Industry Operational Professionals, Related & Relevant Specialists via Areas of Expertise, Issues & Lines of Business in Mastery of Multiples, Unforeseen's & Unknown's" -FN

Discernment of Grey Areas, Hats & Navigation: Perception is Often Reality & Reality is Routinely Perception!

*911Cyber.us via Sept. 9/11 2001: Conceived May 2008; an Alarm, Alert, Agency & 3.0 Apocalypto of the Dark, Deep, DEFCON, Digital Net & ID/IP Theft Occurrence in America, on Social Media & Web. Global Cyber & Hacker Infestation of Sludge, Predatory & STEW Spreads Rapidly, Overwhelming All/Any Attempts by Businesses, Corp's., Feds, Gov't, Mil. & U.S. Agencies. Bad Actors, BlackHats & Hackers, Who Control, Enforce & Populate the IoT With an Undying Agenda, Hunger & Motive for Chaotic Disruption! *NOTE: This is NOT an E3 GAME, it's Life, REAL & Reality!

Consumption & Data Mining, 'Cyber Cyborgs' are Clever, Cunning & Diligent in All Their Pursuits. *911Cyber.us #1 Mission is to Arm, Battle, Destroy, Expose, Hunt & Snuff-Out Any Online Predator Types. We Partner, Stealth, Strategically & Support Solutions via an 'Arsenal of e/iTools' Aiding in the Fight. Surfing All A2Z Depths of 'Grey Areas & Zones', Helping Rid the IoT of a Bastard Breed & New Sub-Species.

*Dangerous  *dark  *deadly  *Deep  *defcon  *diehard's!

 *911Cyber.us 1st Global Humanitarian Program & Project: Cyber Warfare!

Dark Deep ID, Relocation, Rescue & Support '4LAB' at @LamiyaAjiBashar 

National Security: The WP; July 26 2016, in A Major Cyber-Hack, "Whom Do You Call?"

@POTUS Approved 'NEW' Directive That Spells Out for the 1st Time in Writing, How the Gov't Handles Significant Cyber-Incidents. Lets the Public Know Which Agency Handles What, awa Answering Oft-Heard Question After a Breach; "Whom Do I Call for Help!?" & “Demonstrable Impact” to Public Health or Safety, Economic & National Security, Foreign Relations, Civil Liberties & or Public Confidence. (Read Official White House Directive on Cyber-Incidents)

            AAA Agency, B2B, BAI, Consulting, C-Suite, Cyber Firm & Global Group

Data & Leadership Mindset

NOTE: We Operate @ GodSpeed!

Operated & Owned: by U.S. Veterans
A-List Brand: F009 *911Cyber.us

Birth Concept Date: 09/11/2011 NNJ

Rank: Chief & Command Strategists!

Level: Expertise & Sr. Specialists

IDIP: Media, Private & Public Sectors

DCDN: Deep Comm & Discrete News

EDU: Adjuncts, Higher, Instructor, PhD

IOO: Injustice & Online Operations

NxGen: P2P & Security Contractors

SSOF: Social Soldiers of Fortune

Note: @LamiyaAjiBashar

Note: ​Click Here for 24/7 CC DCDN 

"Life Imitates Art, Far More Than Art Imitates Life" & "C-Suite Cyber Guerrilla Warfare, Elite BMM/PP Sector"

These Days: One of These Days, the Clocks Will Stop & Time Won't Mean a Thing, One of These Days, The Bombs Will Drop & Silence Everything, But it's Alright, Yeah it's Alright, Said it's Alright, Easy for You to Say, Your Heart Has Never Been Broken, Your Pride Has Never Been Stolen, Not Yet, Not Yet, One of These Days, I Bet Your Heart'll be Broken, I Bet Your Pride'll be Stolen, I'll Bet, I'll Bet, I'll Bet, I'll Bet, One of These Days, One of These Days!

*9sight2020, Llc.  *911cyber.us  *Mytrefis.com

Abilities: Advanced B2B/B2C, CISO CyberSpace, Dark Datamining, DCDN, Deep Digital Domains & Engineering Hacking

'Human Capital Factors', ID/IoT Thefts, Interactive IP Logistics, Manipulation, *NextGen, Online, RECON & Reverse Social Spear Phishing 

SaaS, Security, SNS, Strategies, Support, Systems, SW Tactics, Techniques, Technologies, Theories, Threat Intel & Telecom Warfare