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  • Washington, DC
  1. +1 202.OUT.KIDS = @XXX Battling, Combat CEOP & ICAC, Mobile, Online Predators via Social Media & Networks
  2. +1 202.O1T.CEOP = @XXX Child Exploitation & Online Privacy Protection via Cyber Pedo Predators & Terrorists 
  3. +1 202.RX2.TRAFF = @CommercialSeXXX Coercion, Criminal CyberSex, DarkNet, DCDN & DeepWeb, Digitally Forced, Fraudulent, Human, Labored Modern-Day, Online Persons, Sales, Sexual Slavery & Trafficking
  4. +1 202.NGF.JARED = @911SubZero & 'No GoodFraud, Fogel', Asinine Pedo Predators, Privacy & Protection via Online Sexual Transmission

  5. +1 202.VL4.VETS = @XXX Armed Forces, Combat, Cyberspace, Laws, Lives, Military, Service, Soldiers, Support, U.S. Veterans & Warriors Wounded
  6. +1 202.VL4.USMC = @XXX Acts, Battle, Bravery, Courage, Cyber, P&P Sectors, 'Semper Fi' Support & Valor Lives 
  7. +1 202.VL4.WARS = @XXX 24/7 & 365 3.0 Actors, Breaches, Cyberspace, Laws, Hackers, Nations, Platforms, Ransomware, Security, Social, States, Verified Warfare & Watchdogs 
  8. +1 202.OT1.LAWS = @XXX Cyber, Digital, Hacks, Laws, Legally via Opps, OTT, Overreach & Overtime
  9. +1 202.OV1.FAIR = @XXX FAIR or UnFair: Facebook Artificial Intelligence, Research & Online Video Streaming
  10. +1 202.OID.ESAP = @XXX Object ID's & Identifiers, DarkNet 'Electronics & Emails', Espionage & (SAP) Special Access Programs via Security, 'Extract Soon As Possible'
  11. +1 202.MUEZZIN = @XXX Appointed Person to Lead Muslims, Recite, Call to Prayer & Worship for Every Event From the Minaret of All & Any Mosque via Apps, IP Mobile, Online, Social Media, Streaming & Technologies
  12. +1 202.41S.OBAMA = @XXX CNAP: @POTUS Commission on Enhancing National Cyber Security, A Non Partisan Congressional Leadership to Make Americans Safe in Cyberspace. @ (CNAP) & Whitehouse.gov
  13. +1 202.VDN.SEALS = @XXX VAR: Value Added Recons & Counterinsurgency Cyber Warfare in the DarkNet, Data Mining, via 'Sea, Air, Eng., Land, Social, Space & STEM'
  14. +1 202.OT1.HAMAS = @XXX 4 Mil. People via 'Quds News Network', Affiliated via Islamic Jihad, on Facebook & 4 Mil. via 'Shehab News Network', Affiliated via Hamas Online & Social Media Terrorists, etc.
  15. +1 202.T1.0.4USA = @XXX Patriotism, Politics, Power, Protocols, Security, Specifications, Standards, Support & the United States of America
  16. +1 202.T1.0.4NSA = @XXX National Security, SEO Services, Solutions, Systems, Actionable's, Affiliations, Agencies & Associations
  17. +1 202.T10.ARMY = @XXX U.S. Army’s 1st Ever Bug Bounty Challenge for Cyber, Gov't. & Hackers, Military via Partnerships, Security & Uncover Vulnerabilities
  18. +1 202.T1.0.CPPA = @XXX H.R.412 Child Pornography Prevention Act via the Supreme Court & United States Fed. Law to Restrict Child Porn on the Internet, via AV, Cyber, Digital, Mobile, Social & 'Virtual Child Pornography'
  19. +1 202.T1.0.BLACK = @XXX Actors, Bad BlackHats, Cyber, Hackers, Violators of Computer Networks & Securities, Beyond Maliciousness or Personal & Professional Gain
  20. +1 202.T1.0.CHINA = @XXX BAI & B2B Corp., Cyber Elite Espionage, Groups & Gov't Hackers, ID & IP Mil. Nat. Security Theft WWWar 3.0!
  21. +1 202.T1.0.CODE = @XXX Communications & Information Processing, Source, System of Rules to Convert an Attack, Command, Gesture, Hack, Images, Instructions, Languages, Letter, Message, Programming, Words, Sounds, Video via Another, etc.
  22. +1 202.T1.0.DATA = @XXX Analysis Associations & BAI Collection of Big Data, Data-Mining, Hacking, Meta, Metrics, R&D, Revealed Patterns, Sets, Trends, Human Behavior & Interactions
  23. +1 202.T1.0.DEEP & FEDS = @XXX All Dark Data & Deep Extraction of Object Oriented Streaming Video
  24. +1 202.T1.0.FACE & FACTS = @XXX 1 Hacker & 1 Way, Ads, AV, BAI, CB, Corp. CS, Facebook & Falsehoods, FBFR, Online Responsibilities, Safety, Social S&S, Violated & Violations, V2V, etc.
  25. +1 202.T1.0.KKKW = @XXX Cyber & Dark Data, Deep Hate, via the 'Ku Klux Klan & Nazi Neoism' Propaganda Racist Speech of Online Supremacists via US WASP & WWWeb 
  26. +1 202.T1.0.INTEL = @XXX Data-Mining, Extracting & Gathering of Intelligence Online, R&D Seeking & Sharing
  27. +1 202.T1.0.ISIL & ISIS = @LamiyaAjiBashar Apps, BSCE, Children, Crimes, Girls, Online, POI, Propaganda, Rape, Recruiting, Reporting, Sex Slavery, Social Media Networks, Trade, Torture, Warfare & Women, etc.
  28. +1 202.T1.0.IRAN = @IranianHacker Attacks, Bad Actors, Hackers, Online Nation-Sanctions & States
  29. +1 202.T1.0.JIHAD = @XXX Cyber Warfare via Global Islamic & Muslim, Online Radical Social Terrorists
  30. +1 202.T1.0.ISLAM = @XXX Online Political Islam, Social Strategic Analysis, Programs, Projects & Projection
  31. +1 202.T1.0.ISRAEL = @AmericanIsraeli USA & ISRAEL Cyber Security, Sludge, Space, STEW & WWWar
  32. +1 202.T1.0.DRONE = @XXX Aerial GPS Hacking, LBS & NFC of Streaming Surveillance UAV Video
  33. +1 202.41Q.MEDIA = @XXX 24/7 & 365 Data, Industries, Investigative, Journalistic, Media, News, Press, Publishers, R&D, RSS, Stories & Trends
  34. +1 202.MID.FRAUD = @VoterFrauds Cyber, Massive Interactive, Deceptive & Deep Fraud, Hacks via eVoter Sys.  
  35. +1 202.41S.STALK = @XXX Bullying Online Preyer's, Situational & Social Stealth, Terrorist Trolls via WWWeb  
  36. +1 202.VL4.UAVS = @XXX Airspace, Borders & Boundaries, DCDN Video Live for 'Unmanned Aerial, Aircraft Systems & Vehicles' via Online, Mobile & Published, Reporting, Sightings, Social Streaming & UFO's
  37. +1 202.VL4.VIDEO = @XXX Breached, Distributed, Hacked, Mobile, Online, Valid, Verified & Vetted Videos
  38. +1 202.TL4.TWEET = @XXX Abuse, Accounts, B2B, BAI, Behaviors, Cases, Data, Digital Twitter Landscape, Hashtag IP, Laws, Legal, Liabilities, Media, Mobile, Report, Social Support, Threats, Trolls, Users & WarZones, etc.
  39. +1 202.G1Q.MONEY = @XXX Banks, BigData, BitCoins, CC, Crypto, Currencies, Cyber, FinTech, Greenbacks, Hackers, Mobile, Online Payments, Purchases, QA & QC, Transactions, etc.
  40. +1 202.SMV.PABLO = @XXX Albums, Downloads, Ent., Illegal Streaming Media, Music & Online Pirated Videos 
  41. +1 202.MY.STREAM = @XXX Broadcasts, Ghosts, Hacks, IPTV, Live Mobile, Object Oriented Pirated Programs, Real-Time, Streaming Video Theft & Webcams


  • Bethesda, Fort & Greater Washington, D.C. & MD
  1. +1 240.KH4.STEW = @XXX Cyber, Killer Hackers & Hacks via Security, Technologies, Terrorism, Espionage, Warfare & WWWeb

  • Beverly Hills, LA & Santa Monica, CA
  1. +1 310.TLD.DEEP & FEDS = @XXX CEOP Top Level Dark & Deep Domain, Haters & Hackers "DarkWeb.us" P2P Tests, Trolls, Trouble & Tweets
  2. +1 310.PER.VIRUS = @XXX Agents & Code Corrupting, Data Infections, Destroying, Detrimental Effects to Hacker Services & Systems
  3. +1 310.TLD.ACTOR = @HostileActors A+ Bad & Branded Actors, Hackers, IP Theft, Nation Social States, Top Level Dark, Deep & Digital Domains!
  4. +1 310.4WIN.777 = @XXX BAI Concepts, Cyber, Data, Ideas, ID & IP Laws, Legal, Stolen, Value, Warzones, Waste, WWWeb & Worth

  • Detroit, MI
  1. +1 313.MVO.AUTOS = @XXX Digital Motor Vehicles & Operations, Privacy, Protection, Security & Systems  
  2. +1 313.MVO.CYBER = @XXX Automotive, DOT, Engineering, Global & Hacking Motor Vehicles, Operations, SmartCars, Transportation, etc.  

  • Los Angeles, CA
  1. +1 323.800.CHINA = @XXX Army of Chinese Cyber Hackers, Illegal & IP Theft Warriors, Remote SoCal Territory & 6th GDP Largest in the World at $2.85 Trillion
  2. +1 323.4USA.USA = @XXX Americans, B2B, Culture, Hispanics, LA, Latinos, Mexicans, SoCal, The United States 
  3. +1 323.DD.CYBER = @XXX Alarm/Alert of Dangerous, Dark & Deep to Mobile, Social Surface Net/Web
  4. +1 323.MIA.VICES = @XXX Facts, Findings, Media & Missing in Actionable Journalism, Leads, News, Press, References, Sources, Stories, Tips, Varifications, Vettings & Whistle Blowing! 
  5. +1 323.SEO.ALBA = @HonestAlba Ad/Adult Bate, Brand, CEOP Click DCDN & Hacked ICAC via ID/IP 'Jessica Alba', Porn, Scam, Seduction & Sextortion of Streaming Video & Webcams
  6. +1 323.4US.CELEB = @XXX ABC-List Celebrity Dark, DCDN, Deep & Discrete Exploitation, Networks, Online Privacy & Protection via Social & Streaming Media
  7. +1 323.SEO.BLACK = @XXX Black CCTV, DarkNet, Data & DeepWeb, Distribution of IPTV Market for SEO, Social Streaming Video & Webcams
  8. +1 323.SEX.HACKS = @XXX Addressing, Battling, Combating, Confronting, Exposing, Hacking, Online Sextortion, Sexploitation Territories & Terrorism!
  9. +1 323.SEX.TEENS = @XXX 18+ & 19- Ads of CEOP Data, DarkNet & DCDN DeepWeb ICAC via Mobile, Social Media Networks, the Surface Net & Trafficked Web
  10. +1 323.SEX.VEGAS = @XXX CyberSex, DCDN, Human Labored, Online Predators, Sexual Slavery & Trafficking
  11. +1 323.KEY.DEATH = @XXX Areas of Communications, Dark, Dangerous, Data, DCDN Deaths in the DeepWeb of Entertainment IP, Key Landscapes & Media Monetary Operations, etc.
  12. +1 323.JR.RUSSIA & PUSSIES @XXX BAI Bastards, Chess, Cyber, Hackers, Rogue Russians, SoCal & Spies!

  • Brooklyn & Bronx, NY
  1. +1 347.OUR.WARS = @XXX Attacks, Cyber, Data, Digital, Global IPT, Nation-State Targets, Threats & Warfare
  2. +1 347.US1.CHINA = @XXX Battlefield Chinese, Copyrights, Corp. Counterfeit & Cyber Espionage, EST Hacker Groups, Melting Pots, IP Theft, TM's, etc.
  3. +1 347.FIX.HACKS = @XXX Breaches, Dark & Deep Hardcore Hackers, Identifiers, Recovery & Scams
  4. +1 347.US1.TRUMP = @XXX Apps, BAI Branded Breaches, Cyber & DJT GOP Hacks, ID, IP, Internet Theft
  5. +1 347.ESQ.CYBER = @XXX BAI Apple, B2B, Big Breaches, Corp., C-Suite, Hackers, Laws, Legal, NY/NYC, etc.

  • Bluffdale & Salt Lake City, UT
  1. +1 385.MILITARY = @XXX Collaboration Comm. via DCDN Encryption, FISA & Metadata, the Mil. NSA, Private Programs & Public Sectors, Source Coders, Spy Center & Surveillance Systems
  2. +1 385.FCK.CHINA! = @XXX .CN Continues, Does & Has Hacked Many American, Businesses, Corp. Espionage, Networks, Spying & Stealing Intellectual Property in the USA! The New CYBERWAR!
  3. +1 385.XXX.XXXX = @XXX Obama Administration to Expand Sharing of Data the NSA Intercepts & Private Communications With Other American Intelligence Agencies Without First Applying Any Privacy Protections.

  • San Jose & Sunnyvale, CA
  1. +1 408.XXX.CISO = @XXX Chief Info. Security Officers, Hacked Hardcore, Internet & IoT, Sectors, Silicon Systems, Tech & Valley, VC's
  2. +1 408.NIS.HACK = @XXX Army of Hackers HQ, Nat. Information, Intel, Security, Services & Solutions

  • San Francisco, CA
  1. +1 415.M1.CYBER = @XXX Hostile & Intrusive Adware, Executable, Malicious Malware, Ransomware, Scareware, Software, Spyware, etc.
  2. +1 415.SPY.GAMES = @XXX Cyber, Digital, Hackers, Spies, Spying, Tests, Training, Trolls & Virtual Watch Dogs!
  3. +1 415.SPY.CYBER = @XXX DarkNet & DeepWeb Internet via Say, See, Sharing, Spies, Spying, Training & Whistle Blows
  4. +1 415.SPY.LORDS = @XXX Advocates & Leadership in Security, Sovereignty, Privacy, Protection via Warfare
  5. +1 415.QLV.BHLV! = @XXX B2B, BAI, BlackHat & BlackHats, CISO's, Cyber Matter! via the DarkNet & DeepWeb! 
  6. +1 415.IT4.LDCC = @XXX Dark & Deep Digital Information, a Funneled Lexicon of Technologies & Telecom Cyber Communications 

  • Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tucson, AZ

  1.  +1 480.HI.CYBER = @XXX AARP, Baby Boomers, Best Cities, Breaches, Data, 'The Cyber & Desert Effect', Hackers, ID & IP Theft, Online, Retirees, Scams, Seniors & Social Media

  • Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tucson, AZ
  1. +1 520.GPS.CYBER = @XXX CISO C-Suite, Global Positioning, SaaS, Security, Service, Social, Solutions, Streaming, Support & Systems  

    • Fresno, CA
    1. +1 559.RX4.CYBER = @XXX Cyber Industries & Media Prescription, Radio, Receivers, Reception, Social, Transmissions & Telecom via WWWeb

    • Atlantic City, Central, Princeton & Trenton, NJ
    1. +1 609.TRY.CYBER = @XXX All Areas, Characteristics & Culture of Computers, Hackers, Information Networks, Industries, Internet, Marketplace, Technologies, Mobile & Social, Media, Virtual Reality, WWWeb, etc.

    • Boston & Cambridge, MA
    1. +1 617.WTC.DARK = Actors Dangerous & the "DarkWeb.us" awa Going Dark in the Deep Net & WWWeb
    2. +1 617.WTC.CYBER = Where & Who to Contact for Cyberspace, Online, Security, Social, Terrorism & Warfare

    • Brooklyn & Manhattan, NYC
    1. +1 646.LIE.NEWS = @XXX Actors, Apps, BS Dangerous Data, Facts, Fake, False Information, Media & Press via Propaganda on Social Media Networks   

    • Menlo Park & Palo Alto, CA
    1. +1 650.VAO.CSIC = @ *CSICyber.com & *CSICyber.us Various Alert Apps of Operations, Crimes, Criminal Scene & Social Investigations via Dark & Deep Cyber IoT, Mobile, SMS/SNS & Surface Net/Web
    2. +1 650.ASK.DDoS = @XXX Attacks, BotNet & Cyber via Distributed Denial-of-Services, Multiple Systems Targeted
    3. +1 650.SIN.4TOR = @XXX Anonymity Online & Protect 'Anyone's' or Your Privacy, Defend 'Others & Thieves' or Yourself Against Network Surveillance & Traffic, Traffickers or Trafficking Analysis. SIN: 'Secure Internet Now'
      +1 650.SIN.GUNS = @XXX US Attorney General & President's Executive Actions/Orders on DCDN of Focusing on Guns & Targeting the "DarkWeb.us"

    4. +1 650.MY1.TESLA = @XXX Automotives, Autopilot, Autonomous Cars, Cyber, Hacking, Mobility, Self-Driving SmartCars, All Technologies via TESLA's & Transportation Vehicles awa the 'Automotive Cyber-Security' Industry
    5. +1 650.SM.ANALYST = @XXX BAI Big Data, Metadata, Mobile, R&D, SEO, Social & Streaming Media 

    • Anaheim, Orange County & San Bernardino County, CA
    1. +1 657.BE4.PORN = @PornWarfare via Cyber, DCDN Sludge & SEN/SEO Social Media
    2. +1 657.FED.CYBER = @XXX Collaborative Communications via Fed./Gov. & Law P2PS, Say, See & Share Something! 

    • Las Vegas, BB: NV
    1. +1 702.QA1.911C = @XXX Battle Born: Quality Assurance & Control via *9Sight2020, LLC. & *911Cyber.us
    2. +1 702.900.INDIA = @XXX Ad Bate CEOP & Cyber, DCDN, Embedded FB Hacked, ICAC IP Online, OOSM/OOT, Pedo Predator Porn Profiles, Sexual Social Streaming Media, Torrents, Video & Websites
    3. +1 702.4TERROR = @XXX Alarms, Alerts, Any Info, P2P Pertaining to Referrals of, Say/See, Share Something STEWing, Suspicious & Tips, etc.
    4. +1 702.SL.THORN = @XXX CEOP Collaboration, DarkWeb, DeepNet, DCDN & ICAC Online, Saving Lives, Sexual Social Streaming, Support, Teens & Trafficking via 'THORN'
    5. +1 702.SOF.4LAB = @LamiyaAjiBashar as 'Soldiers of Freedom' via 18-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Who Escaped Her Islamic Sex State Group & Enslavers, as Her 9-Year-Old Sister Mayada Remains Captive.
    6. +1 702.QLV.KIDS & LIES = @XXX CEOP Cyber Kids via Online Quality Assurance & Control in Las Vegas, Trafficking, WWWeb & the Youth 
    7. +1 702.QLV.4NRA & 4NSA = @XXX Battle Born: Cyber, Guns, the Nat. Riffle Assoc., & Nat. Security Agency, etc.
    8. +1 702.LIO.WOLF = @XXX BlackHat, Dark/Deep, GreyHat & Hacker Lone Information, Intelligence, Ops, R&D WhiteHat Wolves & Zone
    9. +1 702.4VE.SANDS = @XXX Access Breaches, Casino Conferences, Cyber, Dark & Deep, Digital Distribution, Expos, ID International IP's, Meetings, R&D, Safety & Security Streaming, Theft, Trade-Shows, Venetian & Videos   
    10. +1 702.CIO.CYBER = @XXX B2B, BAI, Chief Info Officers, Conferences, Conventions, Expos, Global Meetings, Speakers, Trade Shows, Travel & Tourism, VIPS, etc.
    11. +1 702.DT1.DEFCON = @702DEFCON Access, Area, Armies, Dangerous, Daring, Dark, Deep, Hackers, Serious, Social, Society, Territory & WarZones

    • Alexandria, Arlington & Reston, VA
    1. +1 703.OUT.APPLE = @XXX Back Doors, Boycotts, Code, Data Devices & Digital Hacked iPhones, iOS & Encryption, Defying DOJ & FBI, Information, Kernel Keys, Laws, Metadata, Mobile, Nat. Security, Unencrypted
    2. +1 703.MD4.WHACK = @XXX Aggressive Attack Behaviors & Blows via Brute Cyber Forced & Sharp Strikes at Bad-Actors & BlackHat Hackers

    • Anaheim, Disney & Santa Ana, CA
    1. +1 714.987.CYBER = @XXX Alarms, Alerts, Actors, CEOP & ICAC, Dark, Deep, Digital, Families, Foreigners, Mobile Reports, 'See, Say & Share', SMS, Travel & Tourism, Vetting, Visitors, etc.  

    • Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Denver & DIA, CO
    1. +1 720.MD4.MEDS = @XXX Ads, Apps, Cyber & DEA, Internet Laws, Legal, MMD Mobile, Online & Social Media
    2. +1 720.SOS.CYBER = @XXX Booming Denver City & Job Market Millennial (Hackers) Hiring Paradise, More Than the Legal Marijuana Industry.

    • Bluffdale & Salt Lake City, UT
    1. +1 801.USA.DIARY = @XXX Agencies, Behaviors, Citizens, Collection, Communities, Cyber, Data, DCDN, Intel, Meta, NSA, Observables, P2P Shared Security
    2. +1 801.FU.CYBER = @XXX 3.0 BlackHats, Dark & Deep Hacktivism's, Social to Surface Territories via WWWar  

    • Santa Barbara & Maria, Thousand Oaks, CA
    1. +1 805.666.CYBER = @XXX Hackers, Investments, Money, Revenue, Riches, ROI, Security, Theft & Wealth, etc. 

    • La Jolla, Mira Mesa & San Diego, CA
    1. +1 858.USN.CYBER = @XXX Collaborative Gov't, Mil. Private & Public Sector Services, Support via USN & USMC

      • Chicago, IL
      1. +1 872.LAW.OBAMA = @XXX BlackHats, Cyber, DEFCON, Hackers, Highest IoT, Legalism, A Percentage of Profitable Startups & Not in Silicon USA Valley

      • Newark, NNJ
      1. +1 908.DTO.CYBER = @XXX Dark & Deep to Cyber via IPTV, Mobile & Online, Ops, Telecommunications

      • Bronx, Brooklyn & Manhattan NYC
      1. +1 917.EXP.BOMB = @XXX Alarm Actors, Alert of Any Attacks, Breaches, via Communications, Cyber, (Extreme, Expel & Explicit) Hackers, Internet & Online POI, 'See, Say & Share' Social Terrorists  

      Best Of You: I've Got Another Confession to Make, I'm Your Fool, Everyone's Got Their Chains to Break, Holdin' You, Were You Born to Resist or be Abused? Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You?

      Are You Gone & Onto Someone New? I Needed Somewhere to Hang My Head, Without Your Noose, You Gave Me Something That I Didn't Have, But Had No Use, I Was Too Weak to Give in, Too Strong to Lose, My Heart is Under Arrest Again, But I Break Loose, My Head is Giving Me Life or Death, But I Can't Choose, I Swear I'll Never Give in, I Refuse!

      Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You?
      Has Someone Taken Your Faith? It’s Real, the Pain You Feel, You Trust, You Must, Confess, Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Ohhhhh... Ohhhhh... Ohhhhh... Ohhhhh... Ohhhhh...

      Has Someone Taken Your Faith? Its Real, the Pain You Feel, The Life, the Love You'd Die to Heal, The Hope That Starts the Broken Hearts, You Trust, You Must, Confess, Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You?

      I've Got Another Confession My Friend, I'm No Fool, I'm Getting Tired of Starting Again, Somewhere New, Were You Born to Resist or Be Abused?, I Swear I'll Never Give in, I Refuse, Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You?

      Has Someone Taken Your Faith? It's Real, the Pain You Feel, The Trust, You Must, Confess, Is Someone Getting the Best, the Best, the Best, the Best of You? Ohhhhh!

                  AAA Agency, B2B, BAI, Consulting, C-Suite, Cyber Firm & Global Group

      DCDN: Active Affiliates, Associations, B2B & Collaborative Communications
      CyberComm, Dark, Deep, Direct, Discrete ID & Lexicon Network = 'See, Say & Share'

      1,000's+ 24/7, 360 & 365 of Accounts, Admin'd, Analytics, Analysts, Authorized, BAI & Boutique Call Centre, Channels, Commands, C-Suite's, Data Demographics, Digital Exec's, Ethics, Expansion of Experts, Facts, & Global Growing of Hackers, Independents, Intel & Info, Media, POI, Private Portals, Professionals, Public Sector Services, Specialists, Talent-Pools & Territories of USA via (Black, Grey, Red & WhiteHats) @ Lexicon Digital Cyber Communications!

      National Security: The WP; July 26 2016, in A Major Cyber-Hack, Whom Do You Call?

      @POTUS Approved 'NEW' Directive That Spells Out for the 1st Time in Writing, How the Gov't Handles Significant Cyber-Incidents. Lets the Public Know Which Agency Handles What, awa Answering Oft-Heard Question After a Breach; "Whom Do I Call for Help!?" & “Demonstrable Impact” to Public Health or Safety, Economic & National Security, Foreign Relations, Civil Liberties & or Public Confidence. (Read Official White House Directive on Cyber-Incidents)

      "Time is Coming When Everything Covered Up Will Be Revealed & All That's Secret Will Be Made Known to All!"

      *GPS: Global Positioning Systems | *LBS: Location Based Systems | *NFC: Near Field Communications