"BadAss & Big Business, Have Inside Intel/Tracks, Utilize Special IoT Tools & Weaponry of 3.0 WWWarfare!"

background & A brief History

"We Specialize in All Being BS, MisDirected, MisGuided, MisInformed, MisLead via Mobilizer, Online & Socially"

About: *Extreme *CSI: Cyber & Ops!

            AAA Agency, B2B, BAI, Consulting, C-Suite, Cyber Firm & Global Group 

May: 2008

F009:*CSICyber.com& LA Times: Financial Gain Not Objective, 'Cyber-Bullies' Are Taking Over Social Media & Network Accounts of Acquaintances. http://articles.latimes.com/2008/may/05/business/fi-socialid5

june/july: 2008

Lexicon Digital Comms, LLC. (LDC) StreamingMedia.com/Issue/1962-June-July-2008.htm

brian stettler

sept: 2001

9/11: Attack on NYC & Terrorists via Twin Towers, USA, Wash. & WTC!

sept: 2011

9S2020: BlackHat, Cyber, Dark, Data, Deep, DEFCON, Hacking, iJournalism, ID/IE/IP, Media, News Outlet, Press, Reports, RSS, Social & Streaming

Aug: 2016 '4LAB' @LamiyaAjiBashar

frank nein

key Players & QA/QC Victors!

loel K. wood

*9Sight2020, LLC. & *911Cyber.us Business & Co. Began as Fate of #1 Devoted Industry Leader & Professional. Defying Odds, Finding Faults in BS Corp. & C-Suites Existing Role Playing & 1st-Person Cyber Sludge. Always Asking & Talking About What Needs to be Done Differently & Decided to Make it So, via Sr. Corp., Engineering, Ent., Military & Telecom Background, Advanced R&D Skills, as *911C-DCDN/N Launched it's Online Presence.

5+Yrs, 10,000's of Continuous Hr's, Industries, $Millions in ($R&D $T&M), Defines *911C & F009, Aggressive Cutting-Edge Ideas as Pioneers & Trailblazers, Adding Long-Time Comrades, B. Stettler (USAF Vet.), N. Lahr (Eng./Dev. WebMaster @ OSys), AVC & B2B CFO Mr. L.K. Wood (USN Vet.) via Causes, Objectives, Opportunities & Purpose. We Confidently Don't Disappoint, Heading up Multiple Ops, Projects & Other Programs in Works.